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AlchemicalSecrets-Where The Earth And Heavens Meet by RichardMaier AlchemicalSecrets-Where The Earth And Heavens Meet by RichardMaier
“Alchemical fires may sometimes burn blue, depending on what strange thing burns...”

The “Alchemical Secrets” series was meant to expand and improve upon the “Alchemical Fires” series of 2008. Expand, because there were so many more Alchemy images that I wanted to work with, and improve, because there were several aspects of that series that I was unhappy with.

Somehow, in the process of re-creating the look of original series for these new images, things got out of hand... As with the earlier series, the final images incorporate Renaissance Alchemy engravings, stock photos of flames (several versions of each run through various Photoshop filters), and ArtMatic renderings. In this new series, it somehow became necessary to include photos of Mars processed through a Filter Forge fractal filter, and stylized versions of my friend Brad Hitz’s “Deterioration” series of old film stock. In spite of the extra work, I’m very pleased with the way these six images came out.

Engraving by an "unknown artist":[link], in Camille Flammarion's 1888 book "L'atmosphère: météorologie populaire". Incorporates images from "Brad Hitz":[link], NASA's "Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter":[link] and stock.xchng photographer "Frits van de Molen":[link].

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November 28, 2012
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